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Why Recruiters Need an Applicant Management System for Hiring

AI applicant tracking system

If you are tired of managing your complicated recruitment process, the AI applicant tracking system is the tool for you! But as a modern recruiter, you might have already heard about this modern tool and its benefits.

You probably clicked on this blog to clear your doubts about the software selection before making the final decision. If so, you did the right thing! By the end of this blog, you will know how to choose the right software!

Why invest in AI applicant management software?

Did you know? 78% of recruiters who use the ATS software report that it has improved their hiring quality. But have you ever wondered how the software enhances overall recruitment and aids recruiters to save time, effort, and costs?

Well, it is all because of artificial intelligence (AI)! Almost every applicant management system backed by AI is of high quality. That is because AI technology is required to automate different hiring aspects. Here are some hiring processes where AI plays a crucial role:

Candidate sourcing

AI in ATS helps recruiters save time they would have otherwise spent attracting new candidates. It does this by suggesting relevant jobs to candidates whose information the software stores in its database. 

The purpose is to match stored candidate profiles with the current job requirements and attract candidates that best suit the job requirements.

Hiring chatbot

An ideal ATS system uses AI technology to offer chatbots that you can easily use to carry out tasks associated with employee onboarding. Besides this, AI applicant tracking system also offer automated emails, integrations with online tools, and many other features. 

You can use these features for multiple purposes, such as recording attendance, emailing offer letters, engaging with candidates, etc.

Resume screening

Another time-consuming and tedious task in recruitment is resume parsing and evaluating potential candidates. You will be happy to learn that AI makes this task easy and fast, just like many other hiring tasks. 

As a result, you can use an AI-based ATS Recruitment USA to screen hundreds of candidate resumes quickly and effectively.

What is the price of an applicant management system in the USA?

Many ATS providers exist in the software market, and all of them offer different pricing models. That is because all ATSs differ based on their features and functionalities. The more advanced the features, the more expensive the software will be. 

Usually, most recruitment software development companies set their ATS software solutions pricing based on the number of job openings, organization size, integrations, customizations, and more. Here are some ATS pricing models you will see in the market:

Pay per vacancy

Pay per vacancy is another ATS pricing model best suited for small companies. In this model, the software’s price is calculated depending on the number of active job openings in the company. This quality of this model makes it the best option for businesses that hire in small volumes.

Pay per module

Typically, this pricing model is applied when the ATS software you are about to invest in is part of a larger platform. For example, if you invest in human resource management software (HRMS), you get many additional features such as candidate management, onboarding, training, and more. 

These are modules that come with the HRMS software whole suite. The more modules you choose, the more you have to pay.

Pay per user

This ATS pricing model is calculated based on the number of recruiters, HR professionals, and stakeholders who will use the software. As a result, many small-scale businesses choose this pricing model because they think of it as a fair investment.

Flat rate

If you buy the applicant management system at a flat rate, you only have to pay one amount once, irrespective of the number of users. That is because software vendors calculate the flat rate depending on the size of your business. Therefore, most large-scale businesses buy ATS software at its flat rate as they can easily afford long yearly contracts at once.

Remember, before you look into the cost of the applicant management system, remember to involve your company’s experienced employees, hiring professionals, and stakeholders in the process. It will help you make a joint decision that will work in favor of each person using the ATS software.

How do you use the ATS software to get accurate hiring results?

Today, almost all recruiters and hiring professionals know the importance and benefits of an applicant management system. But still, some recruiters need clarification about the software’s accuracy. If you are also one of those, worry not! First, we will clear this doubt of yours and then move ahead and discuss vital aspects related to ATS selection.

We cannot say that ATS systems are 100% accurate. That is because many factors can impact the software’s accuracy. Some systems in the market might be highly accurate, while some ATSs might be less accurate.

The accurate ones help recruiters identify perfect candidates. On the other hand, the inaccurate ones can sometimes result in better-quality hires. Here are the three key factors that might impact the accuracy of the applicant tracking system:

Quality of data input

You must think of the applicant management system as an automated hiring software that will work depending on the data you feed into it. In other words, you will get the results based on the quality of data input. It means wrong or incomplete data will lead to inaccurate outcomes by the ATS software.

Candidate screening algorithms

Different types of applicant tracking systems use different algorithms to screen and evaluate applicants. Therefore, the software might provide poor results if you do not define well-designed and unbiased algorithms.


Many companies customize ATS systems and tailor their features depending on their unique requirements. But sometimes, companies need to identify their areas of improvement. As a result, they need to customize the ATS system better. It ultimately results in an inefficient recruitment process.

Thus, if you want the applicant management system to give accurate outcomes, you must ensure data input is complete and accurate, use systematic and correct algorithms, and customize the software efficiently based on your unique needs.

Choosing the best ATS software: What steps to follow? 

Now that you know about the ATS system’s accuracy, cost, and importance of AI, it is time to identify the best application tracking software. 

To do this effectively, follow these four easy steps:

Analyze your hiring process.

You must know the tasks involved in your recruitment process before you invest in an applicant management system. Simply put, you can only make recruitment fast and efficient if you know which areas need more attention. Therefore, you must identify your hiring pattern and business preferences.

Determine your budget and do research.

Is there any point in researching software that is outside your budget? No! Therefore, you must set a budget before starting your software research. After this, you can use the internet to identify all your best options and book free software demos to understand each software better.

Identify the right software.

Once you know all your needs and budget, look for ATS software that offers all you need to enhance recruitment. For example, if resume screening is your weak point, find an ATS system to help you screen multiple resumes quickly and accurately.

Ask for advice from professionals.

Involve your HR department, employers from other departments like finance, and stakeholders in the software selection decision-making process. The more experienced and skilled people you seek for input, the more information you will get, and the better the software you select.

Wrapping up

An applicant management system can be very effective if used the right way. With it, you can not only hire top talent faster, but you can also use it to build a qualified talent pool. Now that you know how to choose the right software and what goes with it, it is high time that you should learn about your best option.

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